My story is called “God is good”

My story is called “God is good”

My story – God is good

What is it all about?

Is this all? To wake up on Sunday morning, dress nicely, visit a church and then return home just to have a fine family dinner?

Turning point of my life

I experienced my life changing point of turning to God during the Billy Graham satellite evangelization. We were in Košice “White House” as a whole youth group. The auditorium was full of people, so people had to sit on the entrance stairs. This was the time right after the velvet revolution and in our society, there was a great spiritual hunger for God. I was sitting there as a good Christian, thinking that not me, but people around me need to be changed. Because I was raised as a good Christian.

On the third day I realized, that I am that person who needs to come forward and give my life to God.

New life in God

I started to read the Bible and God started to teach me. Now I knew Him not just intellectually, but through the relationship He has now with me.

If I were to name my story, I would entitle it as: “God is good”.