God showed me who I really am

My story – God showed me who I really am

My youth

Until my teenage I lived under the conviction that Christianity is rapidly declining and that it needs to be once and for all wiped out by the science. I have mocked my schoolmates for their spirituality and for attending the church.

God found me

I am thankful, that God found me despite the fact, that I was not searching for Him. In that time I was not aware how He protected me before many wrong life decisions and errors and how He revealed Himself to me via many life circumstances and conversations with other people. I was not atheist, but more likely agnostic, who did not even know the God.

Today I know, that life is not merely an abscissa from point A to point B, but mostly because of what follows point B, life has a meaning.

Good News

God showed me in the Bible who I am really like – He showed me, that despite of what I think about my good life, I am sinner, who lives selfishly according to my own will. By His grace I was able to trust the Good News – the fact, that Jesus died for me, and that by His death I was reconciled with God who gave me eternal life.

I knew God when I started to search for Him with all my heart…